CasualAth – the result of 2-years studies

Two years ago I came to Australia for two reasons. One reason was to flee from the cold weather in Winterland and the other to continue studies to specialize myself in a creative field. I had this dream of making clothes that would fit into a term that I call now Casualath – cool, hi-tech clothes for casual wear that can be worn for sports as well (different than Athleisure! Casualath is not really into using leggings 24/7). Before coming to Australia, I had applied to the Endeavor scholarship, and apparently the Australian government believed in this idea and the ODDS philosophy -I mostly wrote about the ODDS philosophy on my essays. This meant that I earned two fully-sponsored years of my life to study something that I love. Ideal!

So now after two rough years, I am officially done with studies! Let me tell you, they were very… very rough. Fashion studies ain’t easy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Adminsitration and Chinese that I did in Taiwan; half of my classes were taught in Chinese. Hard. But THAT was easy in comparison to fashion studies! Fashion studies were assignment after assignment and project after project. Non stop. Project Runway for two whole years! But from being a total clueless and clumsy person in pattern making, sewing, and at some degree drawing, I must say, that these rough two years were absolutely worth every drop of sweat. I learned that through a good research, hard-work and perseverance, you can basically create anything.

So my dearest friends, let me introduce to you to the result of my 2 years studies: ODDS AW/17
Repellent Top (water&wind proof. fleece on the reverse side)
Repellent Top & Comfy Pants
Repellent Top & Comfy Pants
Dynamic Crop and Jumpy shorts

odds_aw17_07Dynamic Crop and Jumpy shorts

Dynamic Crop

Studio Session-148Dynamic Crop and Jumpy shorts


post3My favorite: Millennium Jacket (Gore-tex material, water&wind repellent, fully taped inside!)








Designer, pattern maker, sewer, stylist: Laura Lemus
Studio photographer: John Heath. AvImagery
Studio photography model: Allyra Martinez
Mood photographer: Alex Goodman
Mood photography Model: Esther Grace
Catwalk photographer: Kara Mandina

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