Ian Swift – The Ideas Collector

Ian Swift invites us to his home and to his study to tell us personally about his life, artwork, and about the commitment and conviction that artists need to have to their own ideas. This interview, which was planned to be only in written, ended up in a video to shows the essence of Ian as a person and artist.

Ian is an artist of the Blue Mountains in Australia that does a bit of everything: paintings, sculptures, drawings and poems. There are many artists who do all of that, but Ian Swift uses recycled materials and gives to his artwork a unique humurous and sarcastic touch with strong political, social or environmental topics. But ok, let Ian tell you better about it…


His most known collections like Cynical Naivism, Eavesdroppings of a Galah, Spin, Ikeabana and his latest, EcoWarriors, have led him to a new vision: Drop Bear Gorgeous, a global brand of conceptual art. DBG will be launched in April with an exhibition at Lost Bear Gallery in the Blue Mountains. Stay tuned for more information on beodds.com.



Ian Swift in his house


Ian’s second studio


Functional art at Ian’s house


Bondi swimmer


My Blue Mountains – Cynical Naivism

More of Ian’s Artwork

The following pictures were provided by Lost Bear Gallery.


          Australia – Cynical Naivism Collection                                                                    Camouflage Drop Bear Design – Eco Warriors Collection


  Creation Myth – Cynical Naivism Collection


         Boat People II – Cynical Naivism Collection                                                Eaves Dropping Galah Collection

foto5             Käpsaard – Ikeabana Collection                                                                                                                           Ludde – Ikeabana Collection







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