OFFBEAT – Two Surfers from Manly

Toby Breakspear is a surfer and a prominent architect running his own architecture office. You might have seen him in Manly. He is the one doing the 360 degree turns at midday during his 40 minute lunch time. Living and working in Manly, one of the most well known surf beaches in Australia, allows him to have the dream lifestyle of many.


Of course, this surf tricks have been years of practice. Toby grew up in Avalon, a beautiful beach town near Sydney. When he was little, he was insisting his dad to buy him a surfboard, but he never got it until one day while playing with his friends in the mangroves of Avalon, he found a huge surfboard covered in mud. Immediately, he went with his new board to the beach. He took on his first try a beautiful long wave, but as soon as the wave hit the beach, the board broke in half… The End. How disappointing can that be?! A one-time-use board! Seeing Toby so sad, his dad decided to take him to a surf shop to buy him a real one. And that’s how it all started. Sometimes, good luck can come out of trash. 


His Spanish girldfriend, Julia Manrique, on the other hand, started 6 years ago when she met Toby. Because basically Toby could be found most of the time in the water during his free time, she gave surfing a try (normally, she hates water sports and she is a bad swimmer, at least that is what she says…). Julia kept practicing every day, during lunch time and after work. Now, only after a few years, she became one of the great surfers in Manly.

For the ones wanting to give any sport a try, It’s never late to start! It only requires persistence.



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